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The purpose of this page is to create a geographical overview about the places where Hilde, I and several of our children have been. Numbers of kilometers have been covered in these wonderful cars.

It starts with a global view of all our trips, followed by

The final items group our voyages per continent: Europe, California, Far East, South Afrika and Argentina.

Go back in time for a more historical view.

Alle reizen op de kaart
Googlemaps per activiteit
Tango Ski
Tango NL, België, Duitsl Ski France, Italy
Tango Méditerannée Ski Duitsl, Oostenr
Googlemaps per Werelddeel
Europa Californië Far East Zuid Afrika Argentina
Italy 2012 Grimaud 2021 Ibiza 2022 Grimaud 2022

terug in de tijd