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1.         Family name : Franck

2.         First names  : Francis Jules Anna Paul

3.         Date of birth : 20-06-1946

4.         Nationality     : Belgian

5.         Civil Status   : married

6.         Education       :

Institution Rijksuniversiteit Gent
Date: from (month/year) to (month/year) July-1965
Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained Engineer in Physics (Solid State Physics)
Institution Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Date: from (month/year) to (month/year) January-1973
Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained Doctor in Science, Polymer Physics

7.         Language Skills :      (Mark 1 to 5 for competence)


8.       Other skills : Various Aspects of Informatics Hardware and Software Management 

9.       Last position : Assistant to the director. Provision of support in the areas of project management, informatics, information management, public relations, visitors and contacts. 

10.     Key Qualifications : 25 years of experience with various forms of Data and Information Management 

11.     Hobbies and Interests : Cognitive science, Piano, Tennis, Ski, Argentine Tango dancing, Photography     

12.     Professional Experience Record:

Date: from (month/year) to (month/year) May 1976 December 1988
Location Petten
Company Joint Research Centre
Position Responsible for Structural Analysis
Description X-ray diffraction, (Electron) Microscopy, Data Management

Date: from (month/year) to (month/year) January 1989 May 1991
Location Petten
Company Joint Research Centre
Position High Temperature Materials Databank Manager
Description Database Management

Date: from (month/year) to (month/year) June 1991 April 1994
Location Petten
Company Joint Research Centre
Position Manager Infrastructural Informatics
Description Software and Hardware Management

Date: from (month/year) to (month/year) May 1994 June 1998
Location Petten
Company Joint Research Centre
Position Sector Head responsible for the "European Networks Advanced Information System"
Description Information Management and Technology Transfer

Date: from (month/year) to (month/year) July 1998 March 2001
Location Petten
Company Joint Research Centre
Position Assistant to the director
Description Assisting the Director in managerial representational and secretarial matters. Provision of support in the areas of project management, informatics, information management, public relations, visitors and contacts.

Tasks since July 1998.

Assistant to the director. Assisting the Director in managerial representa-tional and secretarial matters. Provision of support in the areas of project management, informatics, information management, public relations, visitors and contacts.

Informatics Advisor : advising the Director with respect to the Institute's strategy for Informatics and Knowledge Management. Co-ordinator for the Directorate's intranet. 

International Relations Manager : interface between the Institute and Commission Services regarding Contacts with non-EU countries.

Quality Assurance Officer for the Directorate Support Group: responsible for the Quality System of the Director Support Group and for its day to day implementation and for the coordination, harmonisation and guidance of the Group's Quality activities

Tasks from May 1995 till July 1998.

Head of the sector ENAIS (European Networks Advanced Information System).  Responsible for the development of actions on Technology Transfer as a result of the networks evaluation and for data evaluation activities in support to the Structural Component Integrity Unit.  Assistance with Data Management and Presentation.  Elaboration of the unit's policy in Informatics.  Advice on hardware, software and networking.

Co-ordination and supervision of the activities of six colleagues.

Tasks between June 1991 and May 1995.

Head of the Informatics and Electronics Unit, responsible for the infrastructural service and maintenance in both areas.  Involved with purchase policy, hardware and software implementation and management of central computer facilities and servers, Novell-, Dec-, Xerox-, Internet- and X.25-networks and electronic mail.  Oracle Database administrator.

Provision of support concerning electronic data acquisition and control equipment.

Coordination and supervision of the activities of seven colleagues.  Substitute for the ISM.

 Functions from 1989 to 1991

Within the division "Materials Processing and Engineering" responsible for "Advanced Materials Information Systems" : in charge of the further development and exploitation of the "High Temperature Materials Databank" and "Support to the Services of the Commission (DG XIII)" in the area of Materials Information.  Coordination and supervision of the work of six staff members.

Further extension of hard- en software experience: database management, specification and supervision of software development for data input and for database query (PC-based interface); use of Prolog, Unix, X-windows.

Functions from 1976 till 1988

In the frame of the multiannual "High Temperature Materials" research programme responsible for the activity "Data Processing and Thermodynamics" and for the laboratories for X-Ray diffraction, Optical Microscopy and Electron microscopy.

In charge of data management related to the execution of scientific research in the area of corrosion and mechanical properties of  High Temperture Materials.. Coordination and supervision of the work of two up to ten colleagues. Familiar with the administration of laboraoties and the purchase of complex hard- and software.

Regular use of foreign languages in the frame of the multinational character of the JRC.  Member of COPAS and of the Comite de Formation.

Software experience

Evening courses FORTRAN programming at the  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (1974).

Teleac course PASCAL (1984).

Selfstudy BASIC, structured programming, utilisation and management of various operating systems (VMS,  RSX,  CP/M, MS-DOS, QDOS, SCO-Unix, Sun-OS en Solaris),  data  base  management  systems (SIR/DBMS, Oracle, Ingres,  Infostar, MS-Access, SQL-server),  SQL,  editors, textprocessors (Wordperfect, Wordstar, Word),    spreadsheets   (DIGICALC,   FRAMEWORK,   Supercalc, Symphony, Excel),  development of on-screen presentations, reports graphics and tables.

Seminars and conferences: SIR/DBMS Benutzerkonferenz, Frankfurt 7.‑8.   October 1985;   An  evaluation  of  UNIX  and  the  UNIX Marketplace,  Bonn 9.‑10. Oktober 1985; Europe Software, Utrecht, May 1984 and May 1985.

More than ten years of experience with the development of software for data reduction, crystallographic computations and graphical data processing.

Marketanalysis, acquisition and installation of a relational Data Base Management system.   Data-analysis, design, management and documentation of schemes, forms, input and output procedures.  Design, implementation and documentation of menu driven user interfaces.  Production data lists, tables and graphs.

Marketanalysis, acquisition and installation of software for personal computers, workstations and servers.

Development and maintenance of internet and intranet sites. Deployment of project management tools, document management and archiving, time-management and groupware. Preparation and publication of Powerpoint presentations and slideshows.

Hardware experience.

SUN Sparcstations, DIGITAL computers PDP 8,  PDP  11/34,  PDP 11/24, VAX, 286-386-486-Pentium PC's,   TEKTRONIX   intelligent  terminals   -  graphics workstations,   various   graphics  terminals,  plotters  and printers. Interfacing and data-transmission. 

Member of a working group on the acquisition of a Local Area Network.  Market-study, acquisition and installation of personal computers, Unix workstations, PDP and VAX computers and peripherals.

Training & Courses 

High temperature corrosion JRC 17-04-78
Structure of high-temperature alloys JRC 14-08-79
Phase stability in high temperature alloys JRC 19-11-79
X-Ray powder difractometry Philips 17-03-83
Pascal programming Teleac 16-05-84
Oracle relational DBMS, SQL and supertools Oracle 15-10-92
Oracle for  database administrators 1 Oracle 22-10-92
Oracle database management in a Unix envir. Oracle 22-10-92
Oracle for database administrators II Oracle 14-01-93
C-programming introduction Compu'train 25-26/10/95


[X-ray powder diffraction evidence for the incorporation of W and Mo into M23C6 extracted from high-temperature alloys]
[Influence of sulfur on the nature and morphology of carbides formed on the surfaces of Fe-Ni-Cr alloys at high temperatures]
[Study of thin oxide films for hydrogen barriers] [Gravures en geschriften van Cornelis Jacobszoon Drebbel : Alkmaar 1572 - London 1633]