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It's still a challenge to trace Drebbel`s acts and paths.

Actually there are several particular questions 
intriguing us and other Drebbologists. 

What did the Perpetuum Mobile look like? 
How many copies of the PM did Drebbel make?   
Rich SantaColoma wants to build a new model based 
and others. Read James Bradburne's text.
1612 Perpetuum Mobile.jpg

What type of contact did John Winthrop Jr. have 
with Cornelis Drebbel and his "sonnes-in-law",  
Abraham and John Siebert Kuffler? Read more here.
Are the red stains discovered by Rich SantaColoma  
on the Drebbel book that Kuffler gave to Winthrop  
caused by cochenille red? Or is it just red wine or ink? 
  More information.
Stain closeup.jpg

The Hortus Palatinus. Did Cornelis Drebbel visit 
Heidelberg on his return trip from Prague to London? 
Did he then meet and / or collaborate with the 
De Caus brothers? Click here for an argumentation.

In which of Drebbel's books did this image appear?
Similar ones are found in 4 of his books.
More about these pictures can be found here.
Overmars Retort.png